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Protect Your Water Adventures
Few things are as perfect as spending a day out on the water. The breeze, the splashing water, the thrill of doing something different, these are the reasons people boat as an activity. But whether you are on a boat for leisure or as a professional, there is still something important to consider.

Property and liability coverage for your watercraft
An insurance policy for boat enthusiasts can cover damages to the motor trailer and your personal property, in addition to medical expenses. Customize your options for complete protection that includes both risk and liability coverage. Jonray Insurance Inc. experts find the best rates and are able to provide practical information regarding Miami boating insurance requirements in your area.
Extra Coverage for Your Boat
Boat insurance policies can be specifically tailored to cover the cost of extensive repairs to damages and financial protection for expenses incurred as a result of required emergency services. Contact a First Avenue Insurance. agent to learn more about the different types of watercraft that we insure.
Recreational boat owners need to assess whether they have  adequate insurance coverage before hitting the high seas
 When determining how much you will pay for a boat insurance  policy, insurers will also assess the size, type and value of the  boat as well as the waterways in which it will be navigating 
 Standard boat policies typically cover damages resulting from a  collision, fire or lightning. Theft and vandalism  are covered perils also, as insured losses for boats can occur on  land or in  the water 
 Boat insurance liability provides protection in the event that you  are sued for colliding with another vessel resulting in damages  to the vessel and or its passengers 
 A boat insurance policy can provide physical damage coverage  on an actual cash value or an agreed amount value basis. There  are distinct differences between the two:
  Actual cash value policies pay for replacement costs less  depreciation at the time of the loss. In the event of a total loss,  used boat pricing guides and other resources are used to  determine the vessel’s approximate market value. Partial losses  are settled by taking the total cost of the repair less a  percentage for depreciation. 
 Agreed amount value policies mean that you and your insurer  have agreed on the value of your vessel and in the event of a  total loss you will be paid that amount. Agreed amount value  policies also replace old items for new ones in the event of a  partial loss, without any deduction for depreciation