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Professional Liability Insurance
Most business owners understand that a general liability policy offers only basic financial protection at a specified amount to financially protect their organizations against claims made for bodily injury and/or property damage. Yet even with this type of standard insurance coverage, your business in Miami may still be vulnerable to costly lawsuits when claims involving negligence arise. Jonray Insurance Inc. provides professional liability insurance coverage and customizes your policy to fit the particular needs of your profession or industry.
Besides negligence standard insurances often do not cover:
  •  Misrepresentation
  •  Violation of good faith or fair dealing
  •  Inaccurate advice
In these cases, you or an employee can be sued with no financial coverage. Leading you to have to pay out of pocket which can lead to financial stress or at worst bankruptcy.

Why Do I Need Professional Liability OR E&O Insurance?​​
If a client holds you responsible for services that were provided but did not have the intended results, or if you are accused of failing to provide services, professional liability insurance, (also known as Errors and Omissions insurance or Professional indemnity insurance) will protect your business assets and financially protect you from bearing the full cost of negligence claims in the event that you lose your case.
Which Service Industries Require Coverage ?
Any organization that offers goods and services must consider acquiring some form of professional liability insurance in addition to general liability protection. Construction services and auto repair shops for example, will normally require this type of additional coveraprotectionge. Professionals such as doctors and lawyers and organizations that are involved with caring for or helping others in a professional capacity should not operate without professional liability . Financial advisers, information technology professionals, real estate professionals and many other service providers also require added liability coverage in the event of a lawsuit. Consult with a knowledgeable Jonray Insurance Inc. broker to learn more about the insurance requirements for your business.
First Avenue Insurance . representatives are experienced at designing the coverage limits and deductibles that meet the needs of your business. For more information about professional liability insurance and how it can protect your livelihood.

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Average cost of a compromised record from a data breach is $259 in the Insurance/Financial Industry per Poenom Institutes 2015 report. How many customers information do you currently have on your Agency System?  The types of losses agents across the country are having listed below. Make sure you have the coverage in place you need and not a low limit add on Cyber Policy.
Protect your business information from hackers​​
Hacking /Phishing:
Hacked by outside party or infected by malware. Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.
Payment Card Fraud  :
Any company taking debit or credit cards have huge exposure to fraud involving debit and credit cards that is not accomplished via hacking. For example:  skimming devices at point-of-service terminals.
Lost or Stolen Computers/Laptop/Smart Phones  :
Lost, discarded or stolen laptop, PDA, smartphone, memory stick, CDs, hard drive, data tape, etc. Stationary computer loss (lost, inappropriately accessed, discarded or stolen computer or server not designed for mobility)
Unintended Disclosure:
Unintended disclosure (not involving hacking, intentional breach or physical loss - for example: sensitive information posted publicly, mishandled or sent to the wrong party via publishing online, sending in an email, sending in a mailing or sending via fax)
Insider Breach
Insider (someone with legitimate access intentionally breaches information - such as an employee, contractor or customer)
Cyber Extortion/Randsomware:
Cyber extortion is a crime involving an attack or threat of attack coupled with a demand for money to avert or stop the attack.​
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