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 - LIABILITY INSURANCE INSURANCE - Protect you and  your assets against claim araising  from  injury or property domage of others.

 - PROPERTY INSURANCE-  Protect owner  property against perils such a water  damage, lightning, wind, vandalism etc,  depending of the coverage chosen.

 - FLOOD INSURANCE - Protects  owner  property against the peril of flood.(not cover by home insurance

 - DIRECTOR&OFFICER INSURANCE - Protects  the assets of volunteer Board members who  make decisions on behalf of the association.

 - CRIME INSURANCE - Protects assets of the association from missing or misuse of funds that the association needs to cover costs.

 - ​WORKERS COMPENSATION- Provides  compensation to a person employed by an association or company when the worker is injured while performing  work related duties.
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   Car Insurance:
If you can’t live without your car, then an insurance with thorough coverage is essential. Even if you use your car infrequently the right insurance will pay for itself if you get in an accident.
  Mobile Home Insurance:
You need to protect your assets. Your mobile home may just be a recreational vehicle or you may use it far more often. Whatever your situation, it is a good idea to have it protected.
    Home Owners:
Your home is most likely your biggest investment. Make sure that in the event of fire, vandalism, wind, hail, or smoke damage you will be able to recover without financial stress.
  Renter / Condo:
Coverage for an apartment or condo is often inexpensive compared to homeowners insurance. Talk with one of our representatives to find the best coverage for your needs and budget.
  Boat / Motorcycle:
The freedom of the open road or the open water. Either is certain to be a great time but knowing that your vehicle is insured gives you peace of mind while you enjoy the great outdoors.
  Umbrella Insurance:
You may need extra forms of coverage that other insurances do not provide. The primary function is protection against major claims and lawsuits
 No one ever wants to have to be in a  situation where they require insurance but you never know what will happen when. To gamble that you will not need insurance is never a bet you should take.
  Commercial property insurance
covers your business and personal property against the risk of damage from fire, natural disaster, vandalism and theft. First Avenue Insurance offers tailored policies with expanded coverage that often reimburse on a replacement cost basis in the event of loss.
  General liability insurance
is essential, whether you are a small business owner, contractor, landlord or service professional. Jonray Insurance Inc. designs your insurance packages according to your business requirements and helps you identify key factors to reduce risk.
 Commercial umbrella insurance
adds an extra layer of commercial liability protection for your business. If your business has numerable assets, consider the extra coverage that goes beyond general liability insurance to ensure extended protection in the event of major claim or lawsuit.
  Professional liability insurance
is importceant for manufacturers and service oriented businesses in Miami to protect assets against claims concerning “errors and omissions” that have possibly caused injury, loss or damage to another party.
  Workers' compensation insurance
is mandatory in most states to cover costs for employee work related injuries. Standard policies pay lost wages and medical expenses and protect your business against lawsuits from work related accidents.
Remember,every business requires some form of insurance protection.
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